State Of The Art Cleaning Technology Removes Debris from San Antonio Sewer Lines and Takes the Waste Out of Wastewater

HOUSTON, TX - December 7, 2015 - - Amigo PAT Texas, LLC uses the most advanced cleaning technology to remove debris from sewer lines and waste water treatment plants, and has the capability to filter the sewer water and reuse it.

Amigo PAT Texas, LLC dba Polston Applied Technologies Texas (PAT-TX), provides large diameter sewer collection and wastewater treatment plant cleaning services, along with video and sonar inspection services. Using patented technology, PAT-TX is able to effectively remove large amounts of grit and sand and separate it from sludge and water, all the while keeping the treatment plant on-line. With this technology, PAT-TX has been able to successfully clean and inspect 80,250 linear feet of sewer pipe, ranging in size from 24” to 90”, for the San Antonio Water System (SAWS).

Over the course of 9 months, PAT-TX removed over 207 tons of debris, allowing the city of San Antonio’s sewer system to run more efficiently. By utilizing the Polston Process to clean its pipelines, SAWS has been able to see drastic changes in the fluidity of their lines and problem areas caused by debris build-up. PAT-TX was able to restore the city’s pipeline capacity, greatly eliminating the potential of flooding. In addition to the patented debris removal technology, PAT-TX has also partnered with Canal Companies to utilize their patented water reactor. With the combination of these systems, PAT-TX is able to use its process to remove debris and filter the sewer water through Canal’s reactor. This water is then able to be used as an additional water source if needed, or returned back to the sewer system.

“The treating process causes the fluid to separate, kills the bacteria and odor, and causes separation of the various properties in the water,” Bob McKee of Canal Companies. PAT-TX continues to expand its business across the state of Texas, specializing in removing years of build up from sewage and storm drainage pipelines, storm retention basins, grit chambers, aeration basins, and internal collection systems. PAT-TX works directly with cities, counties, municipalities, and MUDs to come up with the best solution to solve various wastewater problems.


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