Lechler Offers Easy Flush Foam Control Spray Nozzle

ST. CHARLES, IL - April 21, 2010 - WastewaterPR.com - The Lechler Easy Flush Foam Control Spray Nozzle has only one purpose - to knock down foam in aeration tanks and ponds at municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Lechler’s Easy Flush Foam Control spray nozzles have one purpose and one purpose only – To knock down and control foam in aeration tanks of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The Easy Flush nozzle features:

• Flat fan spray pattern for efficient foam control

• Extra large free passage for minimized clogging and reduced cleaning cycles

• Easy operation when clogs occur by lifting counterweight handle and flushing nozzle clean

• Ability to operate with very low liquid inlet pressures for reduced pumping costs • Machining from high grade leaded bronze

• Buna N deflector insert which can be replaced without requiring a complete nozzle replacement.

Easy Flush nozzles are typically mounted on large header pipes which encircle the wastewater treatment aeration tank or pond. As wastewater is pumped through the header pipe, it exits the Easy Flush nozzle orifice in a solid stream, deflects off of the deflector plate back toward the edge of the water in a flat fan pattern, and in so doing, knocks down any foam that has formed around the tank edge due to the addition of wastewater to the tank.


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